10 Deadly Habits Of Very Unhappy People

How To Become A Happier Person

         When faced with challenges or adversity, there are people who seem to maintain their joyful state and love for life, no matter what.

It’s not that they were born like this. After all, the first thing most of us do after being born is have a good cry!

I believe happy people develop, over time, psychological and practical habits that help them make the most out of life and keep looking on the bright side of things no matter what.

Unhappy people build up habits too. Habits that allow them to validate and perpetuate their unhappiness.

Our unconscious mind, where all our automatic behaviors are stored, is non discerning

It doesn’t care whether the habits we develop are good or bad for us, whether they make us healthier and happier, or the opposite. All it knows is:

Whatever you choose to focus your attention and efforts on will be magnified

        A client of mine recently got offered a new position within his company. Who just gets offered stuff any more..? I thought they’d be over the moon and jumping around with joy.

Nopes. They were already worried they wouldn’t be able to fill in these new shoes.

Are your own habits keeping you unhappy?

Here are 10 deadly habits of highly unhappy people:

Habit #1: Unhappy people take life for granted. They would more than likely deny this, but they do. They often fail to appreciate and be grateful for all the wonderful things and people they have in their lives. Some of which millions of people in the world will never get to enjoy. Things we take for granted, like the toothbrush that’s always there when you need to brush your teeth, or the shower you get to take daily, which millions of people in the world don’t have the luxury of taking. The TV programs you get to watch whenever you fancy. The snack you get to enjoy whenever you’re peckish…

Habit #2: Unhappy people stop learning. Learning is not over when school or college is over. In fact, true learning only starts when school ends and real life begins. Some of the most successful people in the world didn’t finish school but committed to a life of continuous improvement. People who fail to update themselves, their professional and social skills, their brain… are more likely to develop a “poor thinker” mentality.

Habit #3: Unhappy people don’t have a passion or a mission in life. They do what they think they need to do, as opposed to what they love to do. This may seem obvious, but studies show a majority of people don’t like their job! On any given day most people spend 8 to 10+ hours a day in work. That’s 40 to 50 hours a week. What do you think will happen if you spend 40-50hours a week hating what you do..? Tension, stress, anxiety, negativity, resentment…. shall I go on?

Habit #4: Unhappy people don’t laugh often. In fact some even find it hard to smile. They take life too seriously. Work is a serious matter, so is family life and everything else. If you try to make them laugh on purpose, they might fight it and even resent you for it.

Habit #5: Unhappy people are grudge holders. They take everything to heart and if you dare put your foot wrong they’ll hold a grudge for a long long time. Watch out, holding onto anger, resentment or feelings of jealousy will only hurt you and turn you into a miserable old cow, or bull. Toxic emotions have also been shown to be at the root of physical illnesses, such as certain types of cancer.

Habit #6: Unhappy people think meditation is a waste of time. They’re always busy – note I say busy, but not always being productive – and rushing around like headless chickens, freaking out, swearing they don’t have enough time to do everything they need to do. Even though more and more research shows meditation has major benefits on our health and well-being, they still think it’s for air heads and cloud munchers.

Habit #7: Unhappy people love conditionally. They’ll love you if you do this or that for them, or if you give them what they want. But if you let them down, even if not on purpose, they just won’t love you as much. They can fail to nurture relationships with friends and family. Spending time with and supporting loved ones is not a priority.

Habit #8: Unhappy people compare themselves to others. Unhappy people are forever comparing themselves to others, and not in a good way. Do I make more money, are my clothes more expensive, is my house bigger… why are they so happy and I’m not? As a result, nothing is ever good enough for them. They also waste a lot of time worrying about what other people think. They gossip, judge, and criticize other people.

Habit #9: Unhappy people have a negative outlook on life. They always see the glass half empty. Nothing is ever good enough. There’s no silver lining. Instead of focusing on and appreciating what they’ve accomplished in life, or the wonderful things life has thrown their way, they always focus on what they haven’t done or achieved yet.

Habit #10: Unhappy people surround themselves with other unhappy people. Like attracts like, so an unhappy person is hardly going to attract a happy person into their life. And if they do, the happy person won’t stay for too long! Being around other unhappy people helps to validate, preserve and continue with the habits of unhappiness.

        Do you know anyone who displays a few or even all of these habits?

The good news is unhappiness doesn’t have to be a lifelong curse. All of these habits can be reversed. You can learn and develop the habits of happiness.

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