Why You Need To Go NUTS

      Elorrio is a little picturesque village located in the middle of a valley. It features the most  ancient Basque palaces in the whole Basque Country. Also, it’s surrounded by legendary mountains like Anboto, which I’m planning to conquer soon.

      I’d been meaning to visit for ages and finally last weekend I went for it!

     I visited the Sortzez Garbiaren Basilica, and the ancient Necropolis of Arguiñeta. Trekked up a mountain towards a vineyard where farmers were harvesting.

     We went in and bought a bottle of cool Txakoli, a typical Basque sharp white wine.

     We sat on the grass and ate jamon with tomato, and drank a few glasses of Txakoli.

2 to be exact. Well, in Ireland they would be considered 1…  😉

     The last time I had alcohol was last February when I drank a few Vodkas on the rocks and turned into super smiley Anna. And what do you know… she made a swift reappearance at the weekend!

     Suddenly I was writing a message on a piece of paper that I was gonna put into a bottle and send off to my husband John via the bin. Bin men were gonna collect it and bring it to Dublin and put it in a bin where John would see it and pick it up, and read it, and love it…

     I also grabbed a big branch off the ground and run up and down the mountain chasing people, pretending I was a deer. Sure, check me out going nuts on a swing!

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   In the moment… that’s exactly where I was at that time. Not a care in the world, not bothered, embarrassed, afraid of ridicule, or what passers by thought of me…

I was proper happy!

     A lot of us temporarily lose our insecurities, fears and inhibitions when under the influence of alcohol. But even sober, as a coach, my clients will tell you I go a little nuts sometimes.

     I stand up, move around, do crazy stuff, dance around, jump, sing, and even swear. Just the other day I imitated (badly) Mickey Mouse, just to

make a point!  Basically, I do whatever I have to do to help you get what you want.

     No matter what your problem or goal is, you’re first and foremost gonna feel really good when you come see me, that’s for sure. No one leaves my practice without a smile and a laugh!

They’re the spark that lights the fire that’s necessary for a change

     How stupid I come across is irrelevant as long as you get to be happier, because when you’re happier you become more intelligent, and everything else becomes easier.

     Everything I do and say when I coach is for a reason and has a clear purpose. Nothing is ever left to chance. The energy and effort I put into your experience is such that sometimes I need a shower after a session!

     The other day I was coaching a client via skype and my sister happened to be around outside my office. Later she told me she thought I was working out!

 Sometimes, you just gotta go NUTS for a change!

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