Are You A Crumby Person?

Dublin Life Coach Uses NLP To Help You Become A Stronger Person

Jeez, cookery program overload on telly lately or what?! If it isn’t Jamie O it’s those hairy bikers, or some French chef…

Not a big fan of cookery programs, but the other day I happened to watch a bit of The British Bake Off. Pies they were cooking. Apparently pies a a toughie!

You don’t want a crumby pie. It falls apart too easily and turns into a mess.

Crumby people are much the same

When I was 13 I went on a week long school trip to Barcelona…

One day my curious nature took over and I decided to go explore the area. I ended up in this cool rock bar talking to the bar tender and a couple of other people for a while.

Lost track of time and by the time I got back to the hotel where we were staying, everyone had been looking for me for ages thinking I’d been kidnapped or worse.

Of course, I profusely apologized to teachers and classmates.

But by the following morning all the girls in my class had made a pact to never talk to me again. Since then and to this very day, we’ve never talked.

In a matter of hours I lost all my friends. Only the boys in my class stayed friends with me.Dublin Life Coach Uses NLP To Help You Become A Stronger Person

Upon our return home I never told my parents or anyone else about this incident.

For months and months I was lonelier than a cent at the back of a couch.

I used to go out on my own, cycle for hours on end, go trekking in the mountains, or play guitar.

This incident was one of the shittiest things that’s ever happened to me.

It literally changed the course of my life

From then on my best friends have always been men!

What this did for me though is that it helped me build up a certain resilience; the ability to bounce back quickly and move on. Something that’s been majorly useful in my life.

Now, I help my coaching clients become more resilient and develop a strong mindset, so they’re able to deal with anything life throws their way.

Sometimes we don’t know how strong we are until we’ve no choice but to be strong

What I went through I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but it helped me find an inner strength I might never have got to exercise otherwise.

A lot of us get to exercise our inner strength and resilience only when big bad things happen in our lives, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, a serious illness…

I believe we can all draw upon resources that already lie within us to help us improve ourselves and our life.

It can help to think of a time or times in your life when you’ve had to dig deep within. This will help you realize you’re stronger than you think you are, you just gotta practice it more.

Don’t be a crumby person, be strong!


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