7 Pills For a Healthy And Happy Summer

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Yes, that’s me, happy to see the sun!

I’m a summer babe. Give me 30 degrees+ and a beach, and I’m a happy bunny!

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes… is nothing but a lie to me. When the sun comes out, I come alive! I think more positively, I’ve more energy, I get more done, and I feel generally better about myself and my life. And no wonder, because Summer is really good for us and our brain!

Imagine a year without sunlight, without feeling the sun’s life giving heat on your body… can’t do it? Me neither!

There’s no better prevention from many physical and psychological conditions than natural sunlight.

And here’s 7 other magic summer pills for a super healthy and happy season:

1# THE GREEN PILL Most of us eat less in the summer. More daylight and heat means we don’t need the extra calories to stay warm. As it happens, calorie restriction – within reason –  is good for our brain and it’s been proven to help us live longer. We also reach for more fresh fruit and vegetables during the summer. Salads, BBQed meats and fish, fruit and veggie smoothies…. they’re all full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that increase our brain power. One of my favorite summer smoothies: 1/2 cantaloup melon, 1/2 cucumber, 2 tsp Lean Greens, 1 tsp cinnamon, ice

2# THE SWEATY PILL With longer days, walks and bike rides and aquatic sports become easier. With more activity we get increased blood circulation, which provides our brain with more oxygen and glucose. This increases our brain power: we learn better and faster, and we remember more things more easily. Our brain also produces dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline; neurotransmitters that make us feel good! Exercise in the fresh air for at least 20mins every day and prepare to look, and feel great!

3# THE H2O PILL In summer we drink more water. Our brain is 85% water, which means when we’re well hydrated we’ve more energy, think more clearly and effectively. It also helps us concentrate and retain information better. Water is needed to make neurotransmitters in the brain, including serotonin and melatonin. By the time you are thirsty you brain is already dehydrated so drink water throughout the day whether you feel thirsty or  not. Best way to ensure you stay hydrated? Carry a 2L bottle of mineral water with you daily, and finish it before you go to sleep.

Coaching And NLP l Online Summer Courses

4# THE SOCIAL PILL In the summer we become more social, which is a good thing for our brain. Did you know that a having healthy social life can lengthen your life span? The Journal of Public Health reports that having a larger social network can reduce your risk of dementia and cognitive impairment. BBQs, beach parties, concerts… make an effort to get out there more, mingle, and make new connections!

5# THE KINDLE PILL Do you read whilst on holiday? Reading is a great way to awaken your brain, as learning new things grows connections between brain cells. Try reading something you wouldn’t normally go for, for example, if you always read fiction, go for an educational book or a biography, and vice versa.

6# THE OUT-OUT PILL Being outside in nature has been scientifically proven to be good for the body, and the brain. As well as the many health benefits vitamin D provides, being outdoors also boosts mental acuity and creativity. Try taking up an outdoor activity, such as horse riding, trekking, or boot camp!

7# THE CHILL PILL Too much stress can be toxic to brain cells impairing thinking, learning, and decision making… In the summer, a lot of us tend to slow down a little, and relaxing makes our brain feel more in control. In fact, deep relaxation can actually change our brain structure! Try walking barefoot on grass, or on sand, or meditating outdoors even for a few minutes a few days a week.

No more pills than a lot of people take daily, but these are completely natural and good for ya, so enjoy!  🙂

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