FEEL LOW? Do this asap!


Are you feeling a bit low?

I can help.

In a few moments I’m going to make you do something. Don’t worry I’m not going to hypnotize you, make you cluck like a chicken, or anything like that. I’m simply going to ask you to do something. I’ll explain later… 🙂

Ready? Good, just go for it!

Now, here are the steps, follow them carefully:


1. Stretch the sides of your mouth further outwards and upwards a little (no need to use your hands, work those muscles!).

2. Show me some teeth. That’s it, a little more… that’s right.

3. Squint a little with your eyes.

4. As you squint, stretch the sides of your mouth outwards and upwards, and show me some teeth, let out a big HEHEHEEEE! Like this…


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That’s right, a big old lough belly jiggling laugh! Now, try it one more time. And again… Feel good yet? 🙂


Yes, you just made yourself laugh on purpose and for no reason at all, yet you still get to feel good!


 And not only that, in doing this, your brain has just released 37 different feel good chemicals that are going to help you feel good a little longer, have a great day, and improve your physical and mental health.

Laughter will also increase your mental clarity, memory, productivity and problem solving abilities.

You read right!

When was the last time you had a good laugh like this?

One of those that have your belly jiggling, your jaw in pain, your lungs begging for air, and your bladder struggling to contain itself?


The other day I asked this to a coaching client and they told me they couldn’t remember the last time the smiled, let alone laugh.

It wasn’t the first time I got that answer from a client.

What a pity, isn’t it? That we make smiling and laughing a conditional part of life.

Because the thing is, as you’ve experienced for yourself, it doesn’t matter whether your laugh is genuine, or whether you fake it. When we smile, and when we laugh, our facial nerves send a message to the brain that it’s time to feel good, and you’ll find it almost impossible, if not completely impossible to feel bad.

 Trust me, I’ve tried this myself, and with clients many times!

You know when you’re in a mood, or feeling low, and a family member, friend or colleague does or says something silly to make you laugh?

And the next thing you know you’re laughing and cursing them for making you laugh?

 You should thank them instead. We should thank them instead.

They just did you a massive favor, they might even have saved you from a heart attack, or worse. And in the process they also helped lengthen your life span!

 Amazing what such a simple thing can do for us.

So do me, and yourself a massive favor, smile, and laugh, and have  a great day!


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