Joanna Lumley And The Switch Off routine

Coaching And NLP l How To Switch Off And RelaxI hope you enjoyed the long weekend and lovely weather!

John, my husband, and I spent some quality time together, training in the gym, walking around Howth Head and harbour, and just chillaxing for a change.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than good old doing nothing to recuperate and rejuvenate the body and mind.

When I say doing nothing I’m not talking about sitting in front of the telly with a bowl of crisps, watching whatever’s on whilst twitting on your phone.

I’m talking about doing nada, zero, zilch, nothing at all!
Have you tried that lately?

During a recent TV interview actress Joanna Lumley talked about this and about the overload of information we subject our mind and body to on a daily basis.

What happened to traveling on the train or bus, gazing out the window and just admiring the landscape or the sights as we pass?

No, we’ve to have a book in one hand, a chocolate bar in the other, and an ipod stuck to our ears too.

I agree with Joanna that this constant overload of information is not doing us any favors.

I believe it overworks the mind, stifles creativity, and forces us into a state of constant craving, where we feel like we need to be doing more and more… we’ve become information addicts.

Why the need to be busy at all times?

It’s not like busier means we’re cleverer, richer, or happier; in fact I think the opposite might be truer.

It’s like we’ve turned into hamsters; we stepped on a treadmill, and worked up our speed so much that now we can’t seem to slow down, even though a lot of us are screaming and begging to get off.

Coaching And NLP l How To Switch Off And Relax

Well, sometimes, less is more of what we need. Sometimes, nothing is everything we need.

When I was in Spain back in April I turned my phone off for ten days and didn’t even bring my laptop with me. No calls, no texts, no facebook, no twitter, no email.

It was a very conscious decision. At the beginning I was a little anxious to be honest. What if I missed something important?

Ten days later, apart from the messages left on my voice mail and a few tons of emails, I had missed… not much at all really.

Switching off on purpose now and again is the best thing, and it’s incredibly liberating! I hadn’t properly relaxed like this in a long time, and I strongly recommend you try it too.

If you’ve been feeling a little, or a lot, overwhelmed by things, stuck, confused, anxious, or feeling low lately, turn the switch off for a bit and let your body and mind recharge naturally.

 Try my Switch Off routine:

1. Next weekend turn off your mobile phone for 48hours, and stay away from the computer, TV, ipod, and any other electronic piece of equipment. Leave these behind if possible. Make any arrangements to see family or friends in advance, just like we did back in the day…
2. If you use your phone to wake you up in the morning, get a traditional alarm clock to do the job for a couple of days, or let your body wake up naturally with sunlight.
3. Spend your weekend outdoors as much as possible, being active, or just relaxing soaking up the sun (or the rain) and the fresh air.
4. At the end of this little “experiment” notice and take note of how different you feel. Now incorporate this Switch Off routine into your life. Do it once a week or a couple of times a month to help your body and your brain refresh and recharge.


Hey, let me know how you get on!


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