Can’t Think Straight? Take Up Brainaerobics! Part 1

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Did You Know That We Use 2% Of Our Actual Brain Power?

Ever feel like you’re stuck, or that you just can’t think straight?

That’s because your brain is stuck, and can’t think straight, literally!

Imagine Pacman (remember the computer game?) traveling along the neural pathways inside your brain, hitting a wall and bouncing off it, hit and bounce off, hit and bounce off, hit and… over and over again, boing, boing, boing… it’s stuck.

Our brain has reached a point where it can’t think, and that’s when we feel like we’re stuck, like we can’t think straight, like our brain’s not working… it can be so frustrating!

Yet a lot of us do nothing but continue to force the upstairs machinery, try to push through, think harder or for longer…

When a car runs out of petrol we fill it up with fuel, when it gets a flat tyre we replace it, when it breaks down we get it fixed, yet when it comes to the brain we expect it to sort itself out somehow.

Not good, something needs to change… take up Brainaerobics!

Brainaerobics is a series of practical and psychological exercises and tips proven to boost your brain power with minimum effort and in next to no time.

Check out my Top Brainaerobics Tips:

1# Get Your Brekkie On: We know what our bodies need to stay healthy and in good shape. But what does the brain burn for fuel? What food does it need to not just survive, but thrive? What you eat first thing in the morning can make or break your brain chemistry for the day, affecting not only your ability to burn fat but also your mental clarity and acuity. A brain friendly breakfast should contain 4 ingredients: a big glass of mineral water mixed with the juice of half a lemon, a quality source of protein such as eggs, a source of vitamins minerals and fibre in the form of one or two different vegetables, and good fats (also in egg yolks, which you can cook in coconut oil, incidentally one of the healthiest fat sources) such as avocados, or nuts.

2# Hit The Brainy Snacks: According to neuroscientists these foods are proven to make you more intelligent!: organic dried prunes, organic dark raisins, organic walnuts and organic almonds. Include a handful of any of these first thing in the morning and/or as a snack throughout the day, and expect to exponentially multiply your productivity.

3# Stand Up And Go: The top guys at IBM have standing desks for a good reason. The simple task of standing up immediately increases your memory by 10% and your problem solving abilities by 30% by increasing oxygen flow to the brain. Rumour has it that some of the top execs have walking tracks in their offices, which they use to make and take phone calls. Wherever you are, get up and get moving.

4# Get Your 7 To 9: Scientists tell us that a lack of good quality sleep is one of the major factors that can lead to Alzheimers (the most common form of dementia) later in life, and unfortunately not so late too, as recently there have been cases of teenagers found to display the characteristics of the disease. You can also over eat by up to 29% by simply failing to get less than 7 hours of sleep! Get your 7 to 9 hours quality slumber every day.

5# Show Me Your Teeth!: Humour is the number one memory encoder, and one of the key attributes of a good leader. When you laugh 37 different chemical reactions occur inside your brain that make you feel good and make your brain default to “comfort” mode. Basically, laughing makes you feel better, and makes you cleverer too!

Feel more clear minded and focused already? More Brainaerobics tips coming up soon!

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