SUPPORT Is KEY: Are You Surrounded By Vampires Or Angels?

Coaching And NLP l Support And Motivation

The word “support” doesn’t get over 45,000.000 global monthly searches in Google for no reason at all.

I need help, you need help, we all need support in our lives.

Let me tell you a story that happened a few years ago…


Before I started coaching full time I used to work for an engineering company.

It paid the bills nicely every month, but by god, I hated every minute I spent in that place.

The thought of doing the same thing over and over again, day after day, for the rest of my life made me want to shoot myself.

I felt lifeless, like a robot. I woke up in the morning and cried at the thought of having to spend another day at the office.

I made it to 5pm, got home, and cried some more. This went on for the best part of 3 years…


One day, cuts were made and I was one of the staff made redundant. You’d think I’d be jumping off the walls with happiness!

I wasn’t. It suddenly downed on me that I wouldn’t see that regular and taken for granted cheque at the end of the month any more.

I though “crap, I need to get another job asap!”

My husband, who’d put up with my sob parties for month son end said to me “no you’re not, you’re coaching full time”

Until then I’d never considered coaching full time. I’d been coaching part time in the evenings and enjoying it. It brought in extra cash, but that was it.

At first I fought him “what do you mean coaching full time? We’ve bills to pay!”

“You’re not getting another job” he insisted “you’re a great coach, look at the feedback you’re getting! You’re coaching”. Let me tell you when my husband gets serious, he’s prrrretty scary!


But if it wasn’t for him, his vision and his support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Coaching And NLP l Support And Motivation

He’s my angel and he’s hot!

I’d be stuck in an office crying my eyes out day in and day out, dreaming of a happier life, but not having the balls to do anything about it.

John is my angel. He’s a rare breed of people I now make sure to surround myself with.

In the past, I was surrounded by vampires; people who suck every ounce of positivity and hope from you. But I’ll tell you more about this on another post…

I count myself super lucky, because I know from talking to my coaching clients and friends that a lot of partners wouldn’t have done what he did for me.

I really believe that if it wasn’t for John’s unconditional support, generosity, and positive attitude I’d probably be dead right now.

No exaggeration here. I would’ve gone onto another office job and got more and more depressed until god knows what I would’ve ended up doing…


But he saw further than I was able to see at the time,

he saw something in me that I didn’t see at the time,

and he had the courage I didn’t have at the time.


So thanks to him now I live life on my terms (not that it hasn’t taken hard work and some tears), and support other people in building up the courage and confidence it takes to improve your life.


The people in your life can make you, or break you.


So, are you surrounded by vampires or angels?


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