Valentine’s Day: 7 Dating Mistakes That Could Keep You Single Forever!

These 7 Deadly Dating Mistakes Could Be Keeping You Single

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Whilst coaching a client who was single and looking for love, I asked her:

“So, what do you love about men?”

“What’s there to love, they’re all arseholes!” she quickly and confidently answered.

“All of them?” I asked “wow, you must’ve got around a bit…” to which she laughed (thank god).

“All the ones I’ve been with anyway” she clarified.

“Which thankfully leaves a few million good men off the hook, huh!” I said.

This woman, like many other single women and men, had without realizing it, committed one of the 7 deadly sins: she hated men, and then wondered why she always ended up with hateful men.

I also asked her if she’d ever let a man down, or hurt him.

She said yes, on a couple of occasions, but she really didn’t mean to hurt him.

I said “exactly, but you hurt him, so does that make you a bitch?”

My point is that we are not what we do. Sometimes we behave badly because we don’t know any better, or we get confused, or lose control of our brain or the situation… and that doesn’t automatically make us a bad person.

See, if you are single and finding it hard to find true and lasting love, judging potential partners based upon past experiences can be a deadly dating mistake; as are the following 7 deadly dating mistakes, that if not corrected could keep you single forever!

So, do you recognize any of these?

#1 You hate all men, or all women, and think they’re all the same

#2 You can’t think of any positive qualities the opposite sex displays – what’s there to like?

#3 You’re waiting for the perfect person to appear – The One

#4 You say that all you’re looking for is a nice person that can make you laugh

#5 You’re not able to list at least 3 physical and 3 personality traits you like about yourself

#6 You spend your free time with friends who are in relationships, hanging out at your local pub, club…

7# You refuse to go internet dating, speed dating, blind dating, or any other new way of connecting with the opposite sex

It’s not a lack of decent single people, or a lack of physical or personality virtues that’s kept you single. It’s your own limiting beliefs and rules you’ve set for yourself and the opposite sex; the deadly “if”s, “but”s and “must”s that could keep you single for ever.

So, what one thing can you let go of today that will help open your heart?

Sometimes We Can’t See Because Our Eyes Are Open,

Sometimes We Can’t Feel Because Our Hearts Are Closed

Happy Valentine’s!


PS: My client’s no longer single…

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  2. The seventh point:

    7# You refuse to go internet dating, speed dating, blind dating, or any other new way of connecting with the opposite sex

    Is this really able to keep a person single forever?

    If this true, I don’t know …

  3. Hi Stefano, taking advantage of the new ways of connecting we have at our disposal simply maximizes our chances. It can also help make the whole process a lot of fun! Getting to know more women makes sense. Even if you meet someone who’s not for you, they might have a sister, family member, colleague or friend who might be 🙂


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