How To Be POSITIVE Like Hazel

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This Is A True Story!

The magic bathroom is what people call the public toilets in Brighton Beach, New York.

Hazel Chapman has been cleaning these beach adjacent toilets for 16 years.

For 16 years Hazel has spent her own money decorating the once dull and lifeless walls of these toilets with posters, magazine cut outs, fabrics found in markets, tassels, fresh flowers and colorful silk garlands. The sinks have pink skirts, the soap is fruit scented, even the bins are covered in a lovely burgundy fabric. R&B tunes play on a set of speakers.

Visitors are pleasantly shocked when they enter, and when they see Hazel they can’t help but smile in amazement and admiration.

Hazel wasn’t always the cleaner of these toilets. Once she used to be in charge of cleaning the beach, which she enjoyed as she got to spend her days in the sun and by the sea. But after a while she was relocated to the public toilets.

At first she protested, but she had no choice, so she quickly recovered from the blow.

“If I had to spend my week working inside a bathroom, it was definitely not going to look like a typical public restroom” she said “I put my house here. It looks nice. I have some incentive to go to work”.

Now the city has public toilets that are not cold, smelly or dirty, but a charming and homely place that local people and tourists love to visit for much more than one reason…

Hazel might be an ordinary person, but she has an extraordinary attitude.

Hers is a story of how what many people would consider a dull and non-stimulating job can be used as a transformational tool that sends a message of hope and positivity.

What would you do if, like Hazel, you had to clean toilets for a living?

She had it as clear as her motto in life, which is written on the walls of the magic bathroom, to inspire everyone who visits, and me, and you:

Live, Laugh, Love


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