Peer Pressure & Your SELF-ESTEEM

The Story Of How I Gave Into Peer Pressure And Almost Lost My Self-esteem

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A lot of the content in this blog is educational, rather than personal. But let me tell you, things are going to change.

Why? One thing is telling you, or suggesting what you should do to improve your life. That can be really helpful, as I hope my posts have been through the years.

But I really want to show you more of who I am, how I live life, deal with personal challenges, and learn lessons no book can teach.

Something happened lately I just have to tell you about.

A few months ago I publically committed to taking part in a fitness competition this year.

As with everything I do, I started full on, with the energy of a raging bull ready to charge. I found a great trainer, I got a workout and nutrition program, I started training in the gym…

Until my body reached it’s limit and I got sick with a chest infection that lasted the best part of December.

Even though I continued to fulfill my work commitments, I was put on antibiotics and steroids twice as the infection wouldn’t clear. As a result of the meds I was left physically weak, and mentally blah; the momentum had gone. I hadn’t worked out for over a month and when I thought about taking things where I had left them, I just didn’t feel excited any more.

In fact, I was left wondering, why did I start this in the first place? Hadn’t I always wanted to do something like this? Was I just chickening out?

Talking to my husband and friends it became clear to me that I’d made a common mistake:

I’d succumbed to what people call peer pressure, and I call perceived peer pressure

The truth is that no one put a gun to my head and made me sign up for any contest.

But, and this is where I stand “naked” before you, many people around me were taking up challenges, some of them rather big ones: running marathons, signing up for contests, climbing up big mountains…

And that got me thinking… may be I too should be doing something…

So I took up the most attractive option.

Not that I don’t enjoy a challenge, I do, but this just wasn’t MY challenge.

My mindset and attitude to health and fitness have massively changed since I used to work as a fitness trainer many years ago, and where the pursuit of physical perfection used to be my priority, I’ve learnt the hard way, that without health, you can’t possibly achieve the other, or anything else for that matter.

So when I realized I’d made a mistake, I thought, what about all the people I told about the challenge?

For a moment I cringed with embarrassment. Only for a moment, before I realized that, you know what, those people who know me and love me will understand and support me no matter what, and those who don’t, might not, but so what!

Behaving authentically and congruently with who I really am is more important to me than trying to please people at the expense of my self-esteem

When the infamous judgement day arrives, it’s me and only me I’ll have to answer to, and I don’t want to have to deal with regrets, guilt, or any other negative feeling for that matter.

What I want to say here is that I might be a coach, but I’m also human. I too make mistakes, I too deal with the things you deal with every day.

Day in and day out, I talk to people whose biggest problem is that they’re living or trying to live someone else’s life; they’re giving in to perceived peer pressure.

Well, I’m not, and you don’t have to either; you don’t have to look like someone else, you don’t have to do what someone else is doing… all you have to do is love yourself, take good care of yourself, and do what makes you happy.

So make sure the decisions you make in your life are about things YOU want to do, not things you think you have to do.

A weight was lifted off my shoulders when I realized my truth. I got peace of mind, and in my opinion there’s nothing better than peace of mind, so I hope you get yours too.

 If you’re going to live, live your life, not your lie


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