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      Personal development gurus talk about finding your passion in life; something you’d do all day long, that doesn’t feel like a job, but a calling.

     I’ve heard of people who came back from a life changing seminar and left their job to pursue their passion. More often than not, talking to clients and seminar attendees people tell me they hate their job, but that they don’t know what to do because they don’t have a passion.

     Over twelve years ago I found myself working for a couple of Israeli guys selling cheap jewellery at a stall at Melbourne’s autumn Fair. With zero sales skills and not a corner to hide in I found myself in the line of fire all day long. Without even a stool to sit on, lunchtime consisted of an omelet bought for me by my boss, eaten in under five minutes whilst half sitting on a cardboard box.

      At the end of day I was totally exhausted and convinced I wouldn’t go back the next day. But I needed the money, so I went back and thought to myself “It’s going to be a long day, so I might as well have some fun!”. So I did. I talked about that cheap jewellery like I’d made it myself. I helped people try it on, I cracked some jokes, people laughed, people bought… many omelets later, I was sad to see the end of that year’s Melbourne Fair.

      Whilst in Australia I also worked at a factory filling envelopes with advertising leaflets. Eight hours of paper cuts and licking envelope glue. It was only a temporary job for me but there were people there who did that for a living. “How on earth do they do it?!” I wondered. Then I realized there was a lot of singing to the radio and joke cracking… so I started to do that too. Some great songs were belted, some belly jiggling laughs had, and some thousands of envelopes were perfectly filled and sealed.

      After that I worked at a Chinese sandwich bar, an Irish chippie, a gay gym, and at the mansion where I lived together with other sixteen people, as a cleaner. Every day, a whole lot of cockroach exterminating was done whilst sweeping the floors to Destiny’s Child’s Independent Women album. All for 80AUDollars a week, which I had to save up to be able to purchase a return flight to Ireland.

     You see, sometimes we just need to inject some passion into what we do, no matter what it is we do. Because

If Something Needs Doing, It Doesn’t Matter How Banal That Task Might Be, It’s Important

     And if you’re going to do it you might as well do it to the best of your ability, and why not have some fun in the process!

     I’m not saying don’t go find your true passion in life; that which doesn’t feel like a job, but the fuel that makes you feel alive. What I’m saying is that maybe when you decide to do whatever you’re doing today with more eagerness, energy and zest, you’ll start getting some ideas…

     So, go shine ya light all over whatever you do!


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