One Big Weight Loss Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making

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Have you ever felt like you’ve no will power whatsoever when it comes to losing weight?

Do you find yourself trying hard and failing, wishing you were mentally stronger?

     Through the years I’ve written about weight loss and how to achieve it by learning to use your brain more effectively as opposed to trying to use will power. Still, to this day people tell me their problem is that they’ve no or little will power, and that if they were just stronger mentally they’d be fine.

      No matter what I write or talk about, with clients and at seminars, many people seem to blank out the part where I say: if you rely on will power or pure mental strength solely to get you to do the things you need to do to lose weight you are setting yourself up for failure.

      You must understand, process, and remember this at all times:

It’s normal to be healthy, vital, strong and lean, and abnormal to be sick or overweight

     When we’re born, the majority of us are born a perfectly healthy weight, our organs and brain function perfectly well too. This is the normal state and it’s meant to be that we remain healthy, vital and strong.

     We only get sick or overweight when we think or act against the laws of life, amongst which is the law of harmony.

     You see, thoughts lead to actions. If your thoughts are in harmony with the creative principles of your unconscious mind, your mind and body will exude harmony; you will look and feel healthy, full of energy and strong physically and mentally.

      If you entertain thoughts that are not in accordance with the law of harmony, these thoughts will worry you, bother you, harass you, keep you awake at night, make you act in impulsive negative ways…  and result in a body that doesn’t look healthy, strong and full of life.

      Your unconscious mind is the builder of your body and is on the job of keeping you alive and working perfectly well 24 hours a day. Every single day of your life your unconscious is working on giving you a harmonic body; one that looks and functions perfectly well.

You interfere with this life giving process by thinking negatively or forcing things too much

     Thoughts of jealousy, fear, doubts, guilt, worry, anxiety, stress… destroy your nerves and glands bringing about physical disharmony which often manifests in the form of an overweight body.

      It doesn’t matter how much you wish for or pray for a slim and healthy body, if you’re lacking confidence in your thoughts, you’re putting too much effort in them, or you’re sending mixed signals, you won’t get what you want no matter how much you try.

      Because one of your brain’s main functions is to prove you right.

    When your unconscious mind accepts aDublin NLP Life Coach l Help Me Lose Weightn idea, be it positive or negative, it immediately begins to execute it. If you use your unconscious mind negatively, it will bring confusion, struggle and failure.

      If you use it constructively it will bring you the body you desire and so much more!

    Imagine you got into a taxi and gave the driver a bunch of different directions. He’d become so confused he’d probably refuse to take you anywhere. Even if he tried to follow your directions he’d probably end up wherever, probably far from your objective.

     If you want to lose weight and achieve your ideal shape and size, you must have a clear cut idea of what you want in your mind. You must believe with a deep sense of certainty – and as you start to think and act more harmoniously – that you’re already the person, in body and mind, that you want to be; that things are already happening at this very moment, even as you read this.

The key is to be quietly confident and relaxed about it

     Working harder or trying to use will power will not lead to better results.

     When it comes to enlisting the powers of your unconscious mind to get you the body you want, you must imagine vividly the end result with clarity and conviction as you feel intensely the state it produces within you.

     Your conscious mind might try to find ways to solve problems, analyze things, complicate things… you must persist in keeping faith. Because too much mental effort often leads to self-defeat, creating the opposite of what you want. If you’re reading this you might have already experienced this.

     If you’re trying to use mental strength or will power, then you’re presupposing that there’s opposition of some sort. And the act of imagining opposition creates opposition.

And if your mind is focused on the OBSTACLES and challenges to getting what you want, it’s no longer focused on the MEANS to getting what you want

     If you want to quit fighting and struggling to lose weight once and for all, if you want to achieve a healthier, more vital, more harmonious looking body, one in which you feel like yourself; a slimmer body that’s going to stay slim naturally, you must stop making the mistake of relying on will power and mental strength.

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