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Dublin NLP Life Coach l Singles l DatingYou ‘re in your late twenties or thirties and it seems like you’re the only single person in the world.

Most of your friends are engaged, married or with kids, and you’re starting to feel like may be there’s something wrong with you, and may be you should start to accept you’ll be on your own for the rest of your life.

To some people this might seems like a ridiculous exaggeration, but I hear this all the time, and it doesn’t surprise me, because I felt like that once.

After what seemed like a lifetime of frog kissing, when I hit thirty I was so exhausted I decided to just let go.

I thought “So what if I don’t find anyone, I can take good care of myself. It’s time to have some fun!”

And it’s then I started to create some magic in my life.

I got married at 34, once I thought that was old, now I think it’s too young.

(If you get married at 30 that means you get to spend an average of 40-50 years with the same person. That’s a long time to spend with anyone, even if you love them to pieces)

I realized that it’s easy to find someone, there are 7 billion of us in the world after all.

But you don’t want just anyone, you want some who’s worth you.

And someone who’s worth your love could be your next door neighbor, your gym instructor, your work colleague… or, they could live on the other side of the world. You might already know them, or you might not get to meet them until the time is right.

But I warn you, when loves knocks on your door it’s probably not gonna be how you had imagined it. It might turn your world upside down in an instant!

So you better be ready, because love can be a wonderful thing, but it certainly doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Your Happiness Is Your Responsibility

Many people are in damaging relationships because they expect their partners to make them happy, and that’s a lot to expect of a human being.

So what would you rather have, any relationship right now, or a great relationship later on…?

I’m just saying, that unless you’re 95 years old there’s no rush. And even then, you wouldn’t be the first person to find love in their golden years.

So, until it happens… here are my tried and tested love attraction accelerator tips:

1. Make space for his/her clothes in your underwear drawers and wardrobe (let the universe fill in that space!)

2. Purchase a spare toothbrush for when they stay over

3. Sleep in a double bed, cos double beds are meant for two people, get it?

4. Have more than one plate and a cup in your kitchen, prepare for having company

5. De-clutter your bedroom and home to make room for when he/she appears

6. Dress to impress not him or her, but yourself, so when he/she turns up he/she notices you, not by your clothes but by how confident you feel in them

7. Think about the physical characteristics you’d like in him/her, so when you see him/her you recognize them

8. Think about what’s most important to you in life (your values) and what you won’t accept under any circumstances (deal breakers)

9. Think about what you’re willing compromise on, because trust me, you’ll have to at some point!

10. Hang out in places where your “ideal” partner is bound to be hanging out

11. Meet as many people of the opposite sex as possible. Maximize your chances!

12. Don’t go out to “pull”, go out to have fun, meet new people, be genuinely interested in them, and make sure they have fun around you

13. Be happy, because there’s nothing more attractive than a happy person

14. Take good care of yourself: treat yourself the way you want to be treated

Finally, consider this…

What kind of person would the man or woman of your dreams would wanna be with?



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