Why You Must Stand Up To Stand Out


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I remember recently taking a stroll along a beach in my hometown in northern Spain.

My sister and I were chatting and laughing, enjoying the sun and the heat.

Suddenly, I stopped in my tracks.

I took a good look at my sister. She looked at me weird, like “whatchu doing?”

Then, I looked at myself up and down. Hmmm…

For a moment I though maybe her bikini top or mine had come undone and we were exposing our privates!

We weren’t. Everything looked in order.

So I turned to my sister and asked:

“Em, do I have anything in my teeth? My face? Anything wrong at all…????”

“Not at all” she said “why?”

“I notice people are looking at us! What the heck?!”

“Oh” she said nonchalantly “that’s because you walk like you own the beach”

“What?!” I uttered “what do you mean I walk like I own the beach?”

“Yeah, you walk really straight and confident” she said.

“Em, ok…. you do too!”

“It’s not the same” she said “I don’t wanna be noticed, most people here don’t.

People notice you because you can tell you’re proud of who you are”

O-my was I shocked to hear that.

I certainly didn’t want to stand out on a beach in my hometown.

In fact, whenever I get to go home I’m so happy to be there, I love to blend in with my people and enjoy being Basque (huge sense of identity as you can see… )

But I got the lesson, and I hope you do too:

That if you want to stand out and be noticed, whether it’s by a love interest, people in general, a potential employer, a business partner, clients…

It’s not enough to walk forward, and it’s not enough to walk straight – even though it’s always good idea – but you also have to stand up.

Stand up for who you are, stand up for yourself, stand up and the world will have no choice but to notice you!



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