Weight Loss & Self-sabotage: Sign On The Dotted Line…

Coaching And NLP l Help Me How To Lose Weight

Cheating again…?

Whilst I don’t physically train clients any more, I coach a lot of people who want to lose weight, get healthy and fit.

These people tell me that they really want to lose weight, that they hate their body, they can’t stand the way they look, they feel terrible. Often, their self-confidence‘s been knocked out, they avoid looking in the mirror, they are sad that they can’t wear the clothes they want to wear, so they hide behind baggy clothes. They even avoid socializing because they feel embarrassed about their looks. It affects every area of their life, from work to love.

They sit in my practice, look me in the eyes and break out in tears.

“I really want this Anna” they swear.

You can’t imagine how many people have cried their eyes out, promising they’ll do whatever it takes, anything.

But they didn’t.

Not long ago I was talking with a client who wanted to lose weight for her wedding…

“Are you aware divorce rates are rising?” I pointed out.

“Yeah, thanks for the reminder Anna!” she said.

“But you are still gonna get married, people still get married, right?” I asked.

People still believe they can make it work, regardless of the statistics… we wanna make it work badly, so we commit and give it our very best shot.

We don’t get married or get into a serious relationship thinking it’s gonna fail, or that we’ll stick with it until someone better comes along…

We sign on the dotted line and that means something: COMMITMENT

So, when we are married, or in a serious relationship, and a good looking man or woman crosses our path, we don’t jump on them, we don’t say  “ah feck it” and cheat, because we’ve committed to staying faithful, and this means something.

It doesn’t mean it isn’t hard, sometimes, it is damn hard to stick with it and do what it takes to make things work out.

So, when it comes to losing weight, what makes you think you can swear that you want it and promise that you’ll do anything, if you are not 100% committed to doing what it takes?

What makes you think you can take it seriously today, but not so seriously when you’re tired, or you’ve had a bad day… and still get what you want? YOU WON’T

What makes you think you can play little games, lie and cheat here and there, and it’ll still be ok? IT WON’T

What makes you think you’ll get to to look the way you want to look and feel the way you want to feel when you haven’t bothered to sign on the dotted line? YOU WON’T


Sign here: ……..Anna 🙂……………

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