From Black & White To Colour

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Sunset, The Long Beach, Roscarberry, Ireland

Last week I found myself sadly having to attend the funeral of a friend who decided to end his own life. I didn’t know him too well, but what I remember of him is that whenever our paths crossed he was always a gentleman, a lovely guy who radiated great positive energy.

Even though I’ve lost a good few people in my life, I had never attended a funeral before. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who turned up and at the out pour of love.

His dad spoke. His son was a great son, a good friend, a fearless football player and lover of the game, and a natural salesman, with a love of cooking, amongst other things.

His only fault, his dad said, was that he never gave himself credit for the things he was great at. And he saw the world in black and white.

This last sentence really struck a chord with me.

It reminded me about my own struggles and moments when I myself have felt like the world was in black and white.

But it isn’t. The world is in Multicolor; a 3D experience in HD, the kind of experience we pay big bucks for.

I find it hard to live in a country where many days of the year I wake up to a sky of different shades of grey.

I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t affect my mood, and I know I’m not the only one.

But, thankfully, over the years I’ve learnt to deal with this. And no, it doesn’t involve alcohol…

I’ve learnt that I can use my mind in more effective and powerful ways, that I can change my state of mind in an instant, that I can get to control what goes on inside, regardless of what goes on outside. That I don’t have to react to everyone and everything, but if I choose to do so, I can react in more useful ways. And also, that I can get on a plane and fly to a more colorful place now and again…

However, I am aware that not everyone knows what I now know. It saddened me to think that my friend’s demise could have been avoided, maybe, had he known and used some of the tools I use myself and with clients to enhance their lives. Because…

I don’t think I could cope with a lifetime in black and white.

But it isn’t. Life is in Multicolor.

If we just take the time to lift our heads up, open our eyes, look around, become more aware and notice the richness of the color palette mother Earth presents us with, and we turn up the colours even more making everything more vivid and more intense, we crank up the contrast, and double the brightness… if we make a point of looking for the wonderful shades, unique textures, awe inspiring details… if we just stop for a moment and pay attention… maybe we can begin to realize the humongous miracle we are part of… which never fails to put a smile on my face, and maybe on yours too 🙂

Life is in Multicolor.


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