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A couple of weeks ago I ate, touched or inhaled something that caused some sort of allergic reaction, and my right hand fingers turned into beef sausages (organic, of course). They were so swollen they looked like they were going to explode, they hurt and also itched like hell! I wasn’t able to take a fragile ring off for a week.

Whilst I was able to go on with my every day life, very carefully avoiding painful bangs on furniture and things, I had to ask my trainer in the gym, who also happens to be my lovely husband, to amend certain exercises so I could continue working out. And presto, with the help of gloves and some adapted exercises I was still able to give it socks and continue with my exercise program.

And you might be thinking, nice one Anna, but how do your sausage fingers apply to my life? And where is that special key you mentioned in the title of this post?

Well, you see, it’s a funny thing… my husband pointed out to me that most people in my position would have thrown the towel straight away and quit working out until things got better, or, until they remembered to again.

“Hummm…” I said “that’s interesting. It never even crossed my mind to quit!”.

Since then, clients and friends have asked me how do I stay so focused and motivated.

How do I manage to turn obstacles into challenges, disadvantages into advantages, excuses into solutions?

The special key I use to open doors for myself whilst other people close doors for themselves in life is called the HOW Key; instead of asking why has this happened to me, I ask HOW can I continue to do what I need to do so that I get what I want.

This means there is no self-pity, no blame, no looking for the root of the problem, no coping out… there is just one simple but powerful question that will help you break through and jump forward, closer to happiness and all the other things you want and deserve in life: How?

The beautiful thing is that even if you don’t know the answer to your “how” yet, someone else does, always. But you must be courageous enough to ask.

Now I’m handing you my special key so you can make your own copy and can start to open doors you’ve kept locked in your own life. Will you use and benefit from the special powers the HOW Key holds, or will you continue to make excuse after excuse for the rest of your life? The power is in your hands.


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