Sarah’s Roasted Amazeeds

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My new healthy addiction! I make them by the bucket, I eat them by the handful, and I love every tongue tingling crunchy bite!

Sooo easy to make and sooo can’t believe I survived without them all these years. Thank you Sarah (a member of the fitness camps I attend) for the recipe!


1 x 350gr bag of mixed seeds: pumpkin seeds, sunflowers seeds, linseeds, sesame seeds…

2 garlic cloves, peeled

Frank’s Redhot sauce (available in most supermarkets), or Tabasco sauce

Dried chili flakes

ground black pepper



Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees (fan oven)

Put the garlic cloves in a mortar and crush them until soft

Add ground black pepper, about 150ml of Frank’s sauce, and dried chili flakes to taste

Mix it all together

Spread the seeds on an oven tray (I lined mine with foil)

Pour the chili sauce over them making sure to cover as many of them as possible

Roast for 5 mins at 180 degrees

Check seeds after 5 mins to make sure they are drying out but not burning

Leave in the oven for another 5 mins until seeds look dry and crunchy

Take the tray out and leave seeds to cool

Keep them in a glass jar or a freezer bag and enjoy tucking into them in between meals, or add them to your meals for extra crunch and hotness!


I hope you enjoy them,




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