CONFIDENCE IN LOVE: How To Find True & Lasting Love ~ Part I

With January almost behind us and Valentine’s day fast approaching, a lot of people are starting to feel the sometimes inescapable pressure that comes with being single at this time of the year. And whilst many singletons take it in their stride, professing to be single by choice and loving it, millions of people all around the world are finding the search for true love an rather arduous task.

With men and women’s roles in society blurrier than ever, women wanting to be strong, independent and vulnerable at the same time, and men not knowing how to deal with women any more, how is one to know what to do to find the one?

A lot of men think they have to have life figured out before they get into a serious relationship; a good job, cash in the bank, that’ll surely attract women. Women, on the other hand, forever comparing ourselves to the seemingly perfect and sexy girls portrayed in the media , think it’s all about the looks.

In reality, as Jessie J sings, it’s not about the money, and it’s not about the looks either. Recent research shows that the number one attribute men are attracted to in a woman is her… smile 🙂 followed by:

2.  Her eyes
3.  How she walks and moves her body
4.  How she talks
5.  Shyness
6.  Coolness
7.  Quirkiness
8.  Her shape & curves
9.  Her self-esteem and confidence
10.  Her scent


And the top qualities most sought after in a man are:

1.  Confidence
2.  Ambition
3.  A sense of humour
4.  Passion
5.  Intelligence
6.  Sociability
7.  Communication skills
8.  Positivity
9.  Looks
10.  Independence


Do you agree? Post your opinion below!

Stay tuned for Part II of this post, where you’ll discover my top tips to help you find true and lasting love this year.



  1. Totally Agree Anna! 🙂

  2. I would add her facial expression and her movement.

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