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Lisa Fitzpatrick is one of Ireland’s most loved and respected Stylists. She’s made thousands of people feel good about themselves by teaching them how to use clothes to improve the way they look, and to boost their self-esteem. Here she shares some of her tips for self-confidence:

A. Lisa, I help people build up their self-esteem and self-confidence by teaching them how to use their brain more effectively. Can style help boost a person’s confidence too, and how?

L. When someone looks and feels good it helps them feel confident. A combination of both will support anyone who needs to build up their self-esteem. Most times women and men are too hard on themselves. It’s difficult to get to the stage of looking in the mirror and liking what’s looking back. And you don’t have to look like a supermodel to look good, it’s about training your mind, making the most of your assets, and learning to hide what you don’t like.

A. You’ve been styling and working with people from all walks of life for many years now. What’s one of the most impressive transformations, physical or emotional, that you’ve ever seen?

L. I see them all the time because when someone gets to the point of admitting they need support they are ready for change. It’s a great job to watch someone gain confidence and believe in themselves again. I love being a small part of this change. It is very rewarding and I make new friends along the way.

A. A lot of people like to dress for comfort. Do you think they are missing out, and how?

L. I enjoy dressing comfortable, it makes you feel good and then when you get the chance to dress up you enjoy it more. It is important to make an effort once in a while for yourself and/or your partner.

A. What if someone is not happy with their body or their life. How could style make things better?

L. The body is simple: we dress around it. Most of us have dodgy bits and we cover them up. If someone is not happy with their life, they need to address what triggers that sadness or whatever it is they are not happy with, and we work from there.

A. What should men and women look for when styling themselves. What are your top tips?

L. Every one requires different tips, advice, or support. I would suggest to people that if they feel good, and think they look good, then go for it!

A. Can style make you more successful in life?

L. Yes. If you wear a tracksuit to an office job and no makeup, you won’t be taking the professional approach to your career and someone who does will get ahead. When you dress well, you feel good, and it doesn’t cost much as high street shops, especially Zara have great suits for the younger market. However, as you get older it’s important to wear good tailoring. It will be a better fit, and when you buy quality, it lasts forever.

A. You always look and come across as a very confident, empowered woman. What’s your secret?

L. Thank you. I have my good days, and my not so good days. I never wear makeup when I am off work or collecting kids from school. I am confident, but I have trained myself that way, and age has really helped. I don’t care what people think. I am a mother. My children and my husband are my priority, and I really enjoy my job.

Thanks Lisa!

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