Tuna Stuffed Sweet Onions

You don't have to love onions to love this dish!

Ingredients (serves 6)

6 medium/small white onions, peeled and emptied with an ice cream scoop (keep the scooped onion aside)

250gr canned tuna steak in olive oil, drained

250gr can of roasted red peppers (or you can roast 2 red peppers yourself), drained

½ green pepper, finely chopped into small cubes

½ red pepper, finely chopped into small cubes

1 tomato, peeled, deseeded and mashed

1 small glass of white wine

250ml organic fish stock cube dissolved in boiling water

2 garlic cloves, peeled and very finely chopped

Extra virgin olive oil, hymalayan rock salt, ground black pepper


In a bowl, put the tuna, roasted peppers (if they are big, beak them into smaller pieces) and the mashed tomato. Add a little salt and pepper. Mix well.

Fill the onions up with that mix.

In a big shallow pan, heat up some olive oil and sauté the scooped onion, garlic, red and green peppers. When golden, add some salt and pepper, add the white wine and let it all simmer down for a few minutes until reduced.

Arrange the onions in the same pan. Add the fish stock and let it all cook at medium heat for about 30 minutes or until onions have softened (you can also put the pan in the oven instead, and cook at about 160 degrees until onions are soft).

Eat hot!



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