Inspiration With Jennifer Devitt

Jennifer Devitt is a young woman with a natural talent and a passion. This passion transpires from the moment you meet her to the moment you leave her company, and is highly contagious. I’ve had the luck to spend time in her company and experience her amazing treatments. Thanks to her my body and mind feel regenerated and re-energised! Here’s an interview with my inspirational person of the month:

A. Hi Jennifer, can you explain what you do and why you decided to go into this field?

J. I perform a treatment called Colon Hydrotherapy, or more commonly known as Colonic Irrigation, which helps clear the colon of any waste, toxins or undigested food from the large intestine. I got into it through my granny who had colon cancer. My granny performed herbal enemas ( which are similar to colon hydrotherapy treatments) on a regular basis.

A. What are the physical benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy?

J. A sensation of wellbeing. Your body feels cleansed. Clearer skin. Brighter eyes meaning not just a cleanse of the colon but a cleanse of the body as a whole.

A. Does Colon Hydrotherapy also have a positive effect on the mind?

J. Yes, absolutely. It is difficult for a body with toxins to support a healthy mind.

A. What kind of health problems (body & mind) would you recommend this treatment for?

J. Colon Hydrotherapy is an all rounder, it is great for anyone suffering with Constipation, IBS, flatulence, bloatedness, discomfort. It can also help with psoriasis, anxiety, stress, migraines, inability to lose weight, to name but a few.

A. What positive symptoms can one expect after treatment,and how soon?

J. They will notice the tummy area is more relaxed, less bloated, they will feel more positive and less toxic, this can be felt from straight after the treatment or they will notice it little later on in the day. Every treatment is different. No two people are the same, so it will really depend on the person but there is always a positive reaction after a treatment.

A. I’ve personally experienced your treatment, but who else would you recommend this treatment for?

J. I would recommend that everyone gives it a try, as it is so beneficial. Your colon is 6ft long, it can have anything from 3 to 30 lbs of matter lodged in the system at any given time. It can be stored within your bowel for years and years.The type of people who come for this treatment varies, it can be constipation and IBS sufferers, athletes from all sporting activities to improve metabolic efficiency, and many people receive treatment during a period of lifestyle change or as a preventative measure. Also, women trying to conceive.

A. What inspires and drives you to keep doing what you do everyday?

J. I love what I do, I love being in treatment! My aim is to set educational standards for every person that visits my clinic. It is important to me that I relay as much information to all my patients and that they get the absolute best benefit they possibly can from their treatment. When I have someone in my treatment room that is in so much discomfort it is affecting their everyday life, I am determined to solve the issue and send them away feeling clearer and happy.


Jennifer does exactly what it says on the tin, and more! This is why I highly recommend you go see her. You’ll be glad you did.Find out more how her amazing treatments can help you at



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