Eat Green And Save The Planet, And Yourself

We throw 1million tons of food which is whole, unopened or untouched

There was a time when refusing to eat your veggies was not an option and would be followed by punishment, and not finishing up what was on your plate was blasphemy.

Times have changed but not necessarily for the better. Modern eating habits are turning us into walking balloons, and the earth is also suffering the side effects of our games.

There’s never been so much rubbish generated, so many coloured bins outside our homes, and most of what we throw away is actually food!

What’s so wrong about this?

For  one, when our food leftovers reach the landfills, they convert into Methane.

Methane is 21 times more powerful greenhouse gas than Carbon Dioxide.  The concentrations of methane gas have been increasing rapidly in atmosphere when compared to CO2. It can stay in the atmosphere for about 7 years, trapping the heat and reflecting it back to earth. The infrared radiations are reflected to the earth by the methane, thereby increasing the global warming.

What can you do to avoid this? Here’s how you can eat green and help save the planet:

1. Reduce your leftovers by avoiding overbuying. When it comes to fruit and veg. buy what know you are going to eat in the next couple of days. Also, learn how to cook delicious meals with leftovers, if Gramma did it, so can we!

2. Eat more vegetables and fruit. Processed foods create more pollution.  If it comes from a plant eat it, if it was made in a plant, don’t. Make sure you eat seasonal and local produce, as many foods are shipped from far away places.

3. Go organic when you can. Organic crops use about 25% les energy than non-organic ones, and they also contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals and lower levels of toxic substances.

4. If it’s in a plastic package, don’t buy  it. Plastic packages are made from oil and producing them creates tons of greenhouse gases a year.

5. Cut down on meat. Raising livestock produces more greenhouse gases a year than every car, ship, plane and train combined!

6. B.Y.O.M. Coffee/water paper cups create tons of trash every year. Instead, bring your own mug!





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