Food For Thought: My Shopping Basket

Clients, family and friends are usually curious to know what I eat. Well, above is a shot of my weekly shopping basket!

My husband and I like to support our local greengrocers, so we always pay him a weekly visit. We pack a big box with fresh seasonal vegetables.

In this one we have broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes, aubergines, courgettes, spinach, rocket, peppers, tomatoes, avocados, onions, garlic, ginger, strawberries, apples.

We also get organic eggs, organic tomato sauce, organic chopped tomato tins, creamed coconut, coconut milk,  coconut oil, pecan nuts, brazilian nuts, almonds, almond butter, hazelnuts, and organic peppermint tea… you can’t see them but they are all there!

We use Sun Warrior Raw Vegan protein powder for our post workout shakes as it doesn’t cause bloating.

We also get our our seeds and spices there. Things like pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, cumin, curry, cinnamon, cardamon, chilli, pepper, hymalayan rock salt…

We usually get good quality extra virgin olive oil when we go to Spain or a family member visits.

Apart from this, we go to our local butcher or fishmonger and get good quality organic mince, steak, wild salmon, cod, prawns… whatever tickles our fancy.

We rarely eat chicken or pork as they are the meats with the most harmful bacteria in them.

Oh, and we drink our water bottled and mineral.

As you can see there is no bread, even though sometimes we get McCambridge’s new gluten free/wheat free breads. But I only have it after a tough workout, or on my “cheat day”.

There is no milk, no cheese, no yogurt, no pasta, no rice, no potatoes, no sugar, no chocolate, no  caffeinated tea or coffee…

On my cheat day, one day a week when I eat higher calorie meals, I will go to the shops and buy whatever I want to eat on that day.

We support our nutrition with Phil Richards‘ great supplements for the body and mind to make sure that we are not missing a thing!

Here’s some food for thought!



  1. Albert Luttig says:

    Hey Anna,
    Cheers for that,
    the cool thing is that everything on your list tastes great and are all foods that we love!

    When are we going hill walking again?


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