COMMITMENT: The Forgotten Key to Getting What You Want

Whenever I ask clients how committed are they to taking the necessary steps to improving their lives and I get “oh yes, 150 per cent”, I worry.

When I get “we’ll see what happens”, or “I’ll give it a shot”, or “I think so, yeah”, then I really worry!

It seems somewhere along the evolutionary line we forgot what it’s like to fully and wholeheartedly commit to something.

Kids pester parents for month son end to buy them the latest toys, or enrol them in expensive courses, only to give them up quicker that you can blink.

Teenagers change their minds more often than their clothes.

Adults get married with the promise of forever, whilst knowing they can get out of it anytime they want.

We don’t like someone straight away, we don’t give them a second chance. We try certain foods once, we decide we don’t like them, we never try them again. We go to the gym once, we decide it’s too hard, we never go again. We really don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do, and we think we are great because of it.

I’m not saying there aren’t certain people or things worth giving up, but it seems to me that there are certain important values we seem to have lost along the way, in my opinion to our own detriment.

To Commit: to take a pledge to follow through with something

Does this ring a bell?

Commitment; we expect it from others: partners, family, friends, employers… but when it’s our turn to commit, the rules seem to change.

Few of us know what it’s like to make a decision to do something and to actually go get it done. The word commitment doesn’t seem to carry any weight any more.

We are dead serious about having fun though; when it comes to partying or taking a holiday, there seems to be no problem committing and seeing things through.

But when it comes to doing what it takes to improve our personal, social or professional lives, a lot of us don’t take it so seriously.

This is when self-doubt, fear and a thousand and one excuses tend to come into play:

“I want to lose weight” I hear.

“Great. You’ll have to eat healthily and train hard”  I say.

“What? Erm ok, I’ll try but…”


“I want to meet the girl of my dreams” I hear.

“Great. Get out there and meet as many women as possible” I say.

“What? Humm, do I have to  do that?”

When someone is 100% committed to making changes they don’t have to say anything, you can see in their face, their expression speaks a thousand words, their physicality shows they are raring to go.

Whether you want love, a better job, a better body… you need to get to the point where you make the decision that you’ll  do what it takes. Then you devise a plan and follow through.

This means no delays, no excuses, no blaming other people, things or your circumstances, no playing the victim, no doing things half arsed, no giving up before results have even had the chance to happen…

Instead, commit 100%.

– This means you put 100% effort into it, not 50%, not 150%.

– This means you go for it with your heart and soul and every cell in your body.

– This means you give yourself a good chance and stick to your plan for long enough so that you actualy start getting results.

– This means that if something doesn’t work, you make the necessary adjustments and keep going until it does work.

– This means it’s not a matter of whether you’ll do it or not, or how long it’ll take, but it’s a matter of how hard you’ll work to get it.

Too many people tell me they are ready for change. But when it comes down to it, they are not ready to do what it takes.

Are You ready to commit?

“When your feet are on the blocks and your hands are on the start line, it means You Are Ready” – 110m Hurdler and Olympic Bronze Medalist David Oliver.


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