Meet Suzanne Jackson: A Young Woman Making It Happen!

Blogger Extraordinaire

Writer Suzanne Jackson is a Model with one of Dublin’s top modelling agencies, and also works in one of Dublin’s most successful and listened radio stations, on  Spin103.8 News. A Blogger extraordinaire, her creation is the ultimate online magazine for everything Gossip, Glam and Showbiz. Suzanne is a young woman with talent, ambition, and making it happen for herself. Read our interview and get inspired!


A. What’s the most important thing/s in your life?

S. Family, Friends and My Dreams. My family are everything to me, they really are my rock. My parents came from very ordinary backgrounds and they are both extremely successful individuals. My brother, sisters and I wanted for nothing as children. I  have my parents to thank for a loving and happy up bringing. There is nothing more important than a happy and loving childhood. Friends– without them, I would probably be insane haha. Dreams– We all have to have dreams and goals. I never stop dreaming and planning my next goal. That is what keeps me motivated and looking forward to the next challenge.

A. Any goals and objectives for 2011?

S. Yes. My goal for 2011 is for my blog to be extremely successful. I would love to get some contributors on board and possibly end up writing for a large magazine or styling for a top fashion label. Fashion, Beauty and writing are my passion! Continued happiness is also another objective, happiness is a medicine for the soul, body & mind and I always believe happy people are beautiful people.

A. What drives you?

S. When I first started blogging, only five months ago, I had a lot of negative comments posted against me on an Irish celebrity website. They stated I was ‘deluded’ starting a blog and some even said ‘who did I think I was’? At the time, I considered pulling the plug on everything because I began to doubt myself. But after some serious thought I decided to continue with my idea and prove them wrong and I can really do this and turn my blog into a popular on-line magazine. Now five months later, I have three major international fashion labels on board, over 1,000 readers, and numerous successful companies and individuals contacting me looking to work with me and feature on I think I can now say that I proven with hard work, determination and positive thinking- you can achieve anything. Haters are the motivators! 😉

A. How do you stay in top mental and physical shape?

S. I am blessed to have the same genes as my mam. I am naturally slim and no matter what I eat, I remain the same weight- It is definitely something I am extremely thankful for. I watch some of my friends struggling with their weight and it can be hard on them. It is important to eat healthy not only for the body but for the mind, of course I have my down days like everyone else and need that ‘pick me up’ from one of the girls but plenty of fruit, veg and water definitely keeps me feeling good and my skin healthy.

A. What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?

S. In Life: What’s for you wont pass you! In Love: NEVER sell yourself short on someone who puts a question mark over you.


A. Imagine for a moment you’re in your elderly years… thinking back on your life, what are your best and proudest moments?


S. I wasn’t the brightest in school, I was certainly no ‘A’ student, but when I was studying Beauty Therapy in Coogan Bergin College, I was the only student in three years to have received an Honours Diploma in one of the toughest examinations: Electrolysis.

Electrolysis is permanent hair removal with a needle and it requires a lot of practise and theory based knowledge – most students in my year failed! That was definitely a very proud moment for me and my parents.


Also, being contacted by three major international fashion labels about featuring and working with me on I am so happy! 🙂




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