BECAUSE I’M A GIRL – My Christmas Campaign in aid of Plan Ireland



Yes, things are tough, but there are other people who have it much tougher.

Across the world, girls face the double discrimination of their gender and age, leaving them suffering at the bottom of the social ladder.

Girls are denied access to health services and education, and also face extremely high levels of violence, abuse, and harassment.

Girls in the poorest regions of the world are among the most disadvantaged people on the planet,  and no country has emerged from poverty without investing in its girls.

Because I am a Girl is Plan Ireland‘s Campaign to fight gender inequality, promote girls’ rights and break this cycle of poverty.

Why I want to help?

My own mum had to leave school at age 11 and start working to help support her family.  Through the years I’ve met  many women of the same generation who were forced to do the same while their brothers were allowed to finish their education. I’ve seem my mum’s school card. According to her teachers she was a bright student with great prospects.

Instead, she destroyed her body doing extreme physical work farming, as a servant, and later in life as a  seamstress,  cleaner, housewife and mum of five. My mum worked her butt off all her life and yet never made enough to money to be able to support herself single handedly. Today, thanks to her I am able to support myself.

So, I’d like to help other girls around the world become educated independent women who value themselves and contribute to  their community, town and country’s economy.

This is why during the month of December for every coaching session you book I will be donating 20euro to Plan Ireland’s Because I’m a girl campaign.

This means you get to help yourself and someone else too!





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