The X Factor: Who has it and who doesn’t


MaBy, is she the new SuBo?

With over 13 million viewers on this year’s first live show and over half the TV audience, who would have thought we would rather stay in watching a bunch of wannabe pop stars than head into town on a Saturday night?

A lot of us have once again turned into freelance head hunters, claiming to know who’s got it and who doesn’t, shouting at the judges through the TV, for getting it oh so wrong and voting with more furore and conviction than we ever did at any general election. Not only can we spot the best singers, but also the best fashion sense (even though they are all professionally styled) and star potential.

So, who are these year’s favourites, who has it and who doesn’t? Here’s what I think:

  • One Direction already have the heart of every teenager both in Ireland and Great Britain. These kids have the potential to be the next big boy band, so watch out Justin Beaver!
  • Aiden Grimshaw’s overly theatrical, intense and nervous performances are bound to fail him. He is a very pretty boy though and would do great as a model, or at the West End.
  • Wagner Carrilho‘s fun approach will work wonders at a… Mediterranean cruise. You have to admire his zest for life though!
  • Rebecca Ferguson’s unique and quirky tone somehow reminds me of Dame Shirley Bassey. Dannii hit the nail in the head when she said last Saturday’s song could easily be the soundtrack to the next Bond movie. They would love this girl in the US!
  • John Adeleye’s got a great voice and swagger but could easily get lost in today’s R&B market amongst big stars like Usher, Ne-yo, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown…
  • Cher Lloyd, aka mini Cheryl, is a bomb waiting to explode with prospects both in Europe and the US. This girl definitely has got the X factor. She just needs time to grow both as a woman and as an artist.
  • Matt Cardle is loved as the guy next door and it seems he can put a foot wrong. But will he be able to keep the nation’s attention on his own, or would he fit better as the lead singer in a band? As long as he plays his guitar he’ll be fine.
  • Belle Amie were doomed from the start and they know it. It’s only a matter of time. They are cute but nothing special. Sorry!
  • Treyc Cohen has got the big voice and the big bootie but we already have Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, so unless she pulls a hat trick she won’t be making the final.
  • Paije Richardson is cute and tries hard but he melts into the very talented crowd of performers.
  • Katie Waissel reminds me of a young Madonna, she’s unique, ambitious and will do anything to succeed, but does the public like her? We’ll have to wait and see…
  • Mary Byrne is this year’s sweetheart with both the Irish and UK public rooting for her. With her big voice and brilliant personality she still won’t be this year’s winner, but she’ll do great out of the show.

As a reader of people and a Self-image/Confidence Expert, these are my predictions! Whatever happens  though, we’ll be stuck to the telly once again this and every other Saturday, and Sunday night for the foreseeable future. Slippers on, kettle on, roll on The X Factor!








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