Happy Daze: 10 things you can do to have a great day

Oh stop it!!!

1. Smile for no reason at all, even if you don’t have a reason to, even if you don’t feel like it, just force you facial muscles a little to the sides and up and… SMILE!

2. Wear a fashion item you would never dare wear, even if it’s not you, even if it’s oh so wrong, just for fun… WEAR IT!

3. Embarrass yourself on purpose. Ridicule yourself in front of someone. Your dog doesn’t count!

4. Contact someone you haven’t talked to or met in a while, tell them you’ve been thinking about them, ask them how they are doing.

5. Tell someone a joke. Even if it’s the worst joke ever, even if you’re the worst joke teller ever (and you can’t be worse than me!), GIVE IT A SHOT!

6. Talk to a complete stranger. At the bus stop, at the library, at the supermarket, at the gym… spot someone or something you like and PAY A COMPLIMENT.

7. After you’ve done everything you have to do today, do something you really want to do, whether it takes an hour, thirty minutes, or fifteen… do something that makes you happy, just because.

8. Get out in the fresh air. Go for a walk at your nearest park and oxygenate yourself. Workout outdoors for a change.

9. Cook one meal from scratch. Check out my healthy recipe section for super healthy and yummy ideas!

10. Think about a problem that’s been bugging you and do something to make things better. Make that call, write that email, save that penny, talk to that person… do one thing that will make you FEEL BETTER .
10 little things that will make a BIG difference. It doesn’t even matter which one you do first or how well you do it, JUST DO IT!

What other things can you do that will make today a great day? Post them here!




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