Crippling behaviours that are keeping you from getting what you want



“Everything occurring in our external lives is a result, symptom, or reflection of our internal life.”

A few years ago, I thought that mindset was about 10% of the reason for why one person would succeed, while someone else wouldn’t.

Then, the more I worked on myself, and the more I worked with clients, the more I thought it was like fifty fifty.

Now, I believe that your success is 90% dependent on your internal state of mind.

What this means is that you can’t make more money, find a job, attract love, lose weight, or whatever it is that you want without first knowing what’s getting in the way.

And it’s usually nothing to do with genetics, education, talent, opportunities or whatever other excuses you’ve been making up.


The real culprit is your mindset.


And when you know what’s been getting in the way of you getting out there in a really big way, you can go and make some big things happen for yourself.

Most people don’t know what’s getting in their way, and so they keep getting in their own way, wondering why things are not working out for them.

Well, here are 27 crippling behaviours that may have been preventing you from getting what you want:


  1. You often use excuses usually about lack of time, money,etc, for not taking advantage of opportunities that are right in front of you
  2. You focus too much on the fear rather than the good that will come from taking action
  3. You look at what’s lacking in your life than on what you want
  4. You don’t believe good things will happen to you
  5. You allow fear of rejection and fear of failure to get in the way of you taking action on the big opportunities that come to you
  6. You focus on your existing situation rather than focusing on your dream
  7. Deep down you feel like you don’t deserve success
  8. You feel that you are not good enough
  9. You resent successful people
  10. You have a limited idea of how much you can accomplish
  11. You focus too much on the negative things that happen around you: news, media, family…
  12. You are not willing to do what it takes to change your situation
  13. You look at what other people are doing to set your benchmark and don’t listen to your own intuition
  14. You back away from uncomfortable situations that represent opportunities for massive growth
  15. You aim way too low
  16. You are not willing to speak the truth to yourself about your personal life and behaviours
  17. You numb yourself, or stay too busy or scattered instead of facing your situation
  18. You don’t realise how your beliefs are creating your reality
  19. You are afraid to take risks
  20. You are not clear enough on your life purpose and your goals
  21. You don’t have enough confidence in yourself
  22. You don’t take personal responsibility for your results
  23. Sometimes you blame circumstances, situations or people for your shortcomings
  24. You’re afraid to invest in yourself
  25. You don’t trust yourself to make the right decision
  26. You talk to yourself in a negative and critical manner
  27. Part of you doesn’t believe that you can do it


If you identify with one, or more, or all of these,  then it’s time to quit making excuses. Excuses are insidious. We use them to stay in the “comfort” of our current situation.

But you cannot expect a new job, more money, a great relationship, a great body…  or whatever else you want if inside  your brain your subconscious thoughts and beliefs dictate something different.

You may have all the education, talent, desire, ambition, and opportunities in the world, but it’s only when you clear these road blocks that you will start to get the results you want.



Believe that you can and you will



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