Why you don’t have the body you want, yet!

Here’s the reason why you don’t have the body you want, yet…

Changing  your body and becoming far more energetic, confident and looking and feeling better in your favourite clothes has a few parts to it.

Nutrition and exercise are important, but are only the secondary changes that you need to continue to make.

Maybe you’ve tried every diet under the sun. Maybe you have a fine collection of late night shopping channel gizmos, and even ventured into getting diet pills because everything else has failed.


Maybe you think the only way to get the body you want is through surgery. Auch!

If you’ve lost weight and then put it back on, if you don’t see the point in even trying any more and, you’ve become increasingly frustrated with the idea of health and fitness then realise now that there is a vital and deeper level of change that you have probably never even considered!

All the equipment, the gyms, the diets, the fads, the recipes, the pills and the surgery only affect change at the level of your behaviour – in fact the surgery doesn’t even affect that level, nor do the pills!

Your results in life are dependent on the actions that you take. The actions you take are dependent on how you feel, and how you feel is based on your thoughts. To make a true physical transformation you must firstly address the quality of your thoughts, everything else will then fall into place.

Diets, gyms, equipment, etc, only effect change at the level of your behaviour. That means that while you’re dieting and exercising you haven’t addressed the true driving forces that make you do what you do. You haven’t addressed the cravings, the emotional eating. You haven’t addressed self sabotage, lack of confidence or motivation.

Weight loss is physically easy. Do more eat less. But most people have a passionate love affair with food, low self esteem and lack the beliefs and attitude to make a real change; a change that lasts for life, that makes you fit into nice clothes, feel better about yourself, be more confident and becomore more attractive.

What I know about losing weight is that it is more a mental challenge than a physical one. Most people though do not have any tools, approaches or strategies to successfully deal with the mental challenges. Most people don’t know how to control cravings, don’t know how to stop emotional eating, don’t know how to build powerful beliefs about themselves. But you can. Yes, you can!

At the upcoming Emergency Beach Body Workshop , we’ll be doing something a little different than traditional weight loss courses. A lot different in fact! We’ll be showing you how to handle the mental side of things, how to build powerful beliefs, powerful attitudes. You’ll be getting the insider secrets on how to manage your mood so that you don’t over eat, you don’t sabotage your hard work and effort, so that you can finally get the body that you want so badly.

It’s going to be fun, interactive, engaging and eye opening, and will definitely be a must for anyone interested in becoming the best person you can be. There isn’t a seminar in the country that gives as much top class information by two top peak performance coaches who not only know their stuff, but they walk the talk too!

So, sign up now and starting this Friday, make the change for the rest of your life.

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