Inspirational person of the month – June 2010

” I’ve lost 22 pounds and 17.5inches all over and I’m down 2 dress sizes now!!”Ruth Whelan

Ruth has been taking the same fitness camps as me for the past few of months. In this time, she has astonished everyone with her brilliant attitude, laser like focus and unwavering determination. Here are some of the secrets to her newly found great figure!

A/ How were things before you lost all that weight?
R/ I was pretty unhappy, none of my clothes fitted me, and I had no energy and to be honest just felt pretty crap. I hated nights out with my friends because everyone would have their cameras out and then the photos always ended up on Facebook and as soon as they would I always removed all tags so they wouldn’t appear on my facebook. I also started making up excuses to not go out with my friends because I hated the way I looked and felt in my skin and my clothes. I always felt like I was being overlooked because my friends all looked amazing in their tiny outfits and I just felt uncomfortable.

A/ What made you take action?
R/ I decided it was time to stop the emotional eating and face the walls I built up over the last 5 or 6 years. I decided in March that I wanted for my birthday (in August) to feel amazing and in a dress that showed off the tiny frame I once had! I found photos of my Graduation from college and I just wanted to get back to the way I looked and felt back then. It was kind of now or never!

A/ What have been the easiest, and the most challenging things that you’ve had to do along the way?
R/ The easiest part has been following the nutrition plan John (director of superfastfitnesscamps) set out for me. Following it has become part of my life now, I don’t even think about what I ate before nor do I crave what I ate before (takeaways, crisps) But I do look forward to my cheat meal every week and I make sure I enjoy it and don’t feel guilty!

The most challenging part has and sometimes still is making sure others don’t sabotage my good work! Especially because they were used to me just eating crap and when I would refuse to have the slice of cake that was being offered in work or the garlic bread for dinner! Some of them would be just like “go on sure one slice won’t hurt you’ve been so good during the week” but I knew that if I gave in then it would ruin all my hard work that I had done in camp and with my eating.

A/ How have you dealt with those challenges?
R/ I’ve just been strong in my own mind and be like NO this is the way I’m eating now and you’ve got to support me. I think once people realised I was serious about it, they got on board and have continued to support me. I have been strong and just say NO to the crap food (unless it’s my cheat day!). I don’t even walk down the crisp aisle in the supermarket and before this was the first one I went down when I arrived!!

A/ How do you stay motivated?

R/ To be honest standing on the scales each week and seeing the pounds drop and seeing the tape measure wrap further around me has been motivation in itself. But also the compliments I’ve been getting from people and the fact that I’ve had to throw out a lot of clothes that no longer fit me anymore and I’ve no intention of ever fitting into again has really kept me going! Going to the fitness camps each week is also a good motivation because I feel myself getting stronger, I’m able to swing heavier kettle bells and now I’m able to do full body push ups! When you see the results and more importantly feel the results it keeps you motivated. The friends that I have made in the camp really help keep me motivated, I try and keep up with them and their words of encouragement really help me! It is the little things that keep me sticking to the plan day in day out!

A/ What is the most important thing you’ve learnt?
R/ I think the most important thing I’ve learnt is that I can do it; I’ve learnt that if I believe in myself I can really achieve anything I put my mind to. I’ve learnt that for the past few years I haven’t been living, I’ve just been existing. So there is no way I could ever go back to the way I was before. I really like the new me!!

A/ What would you advise to other people out there who want to lose weight and get fit?
R/ I would just say go for it, start today and don’t delay! Sounds cheesy but its true! It always seems harder when you haven’t started and it’s easy to say ‘Oh I’ll start next week’ but what’s wrong with starting today? Another thing I’d say is tell EVERYONE, tell all your friends and family what you are doing because the more support you have the better. If they know they won’t (or shouldn’t!) try and tempt you with the wrong foods! When I started camp I decided I was going to give it 100% – in the camp and with the nutrition and I think if you’re going to embark on changes you have to give it your all! Just go for it and honestly you won’t regret it, you’ll look back and go why didn’t I do this ages ago!?

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Ruth sporting her new size 10 jeans!



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