More freedom with NLP

“Freedom is everything, and love is all the rest” – Richard Bandler


Last week I  spent the most amazing 4 days in Rome at the More Freedom With NLP seminar, taught by Richard Bandler ( Co-creator of NLP), John La Valle (President of The Society of NLP) and Alessio Roberti (Founder of NLP Italy).

Over 500 people from all over the world attended this 3 day intensive seminar. Needless to say we had bundles of fun, learnt the latest in NLP, had a good few breakthroughs, and… a lot of us got to think for a change. As a result, we came out of it with new ideas, new directions,  and just wanting to get stuff done!

That’s what you get when you train with the best in the world. I certainly got what I needed, and so much more!

As Richard says,  his work is not about therapy or sales or networking organisations. His work is about freedom. And I certainly feel freer now!

Here are a few photos of my Roman adventure:



Me and my husband John (in yellow!) on the first row



The brilliant John La Valle performing a timeline technique on me





Us with Owen Fitzpatrick, top NLP trainer, psychologist and author of Not Enough Hours


I’ll take this opportunity to say hi to all the wonderful new friends we made at the seminar. Thank you for making the past few days unforgettable 🙂



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