Jayme Lyon is one of my friends at superfastfitness camps. We train together, we sweat, laugh and swear together. All in the name of health and fitness! In the space of a few months she has dramatically transformed her shape. She is one of the hardest working members of the camp and has the most amazing attitude, which has carried me through some of the toughest workouts!

In this interview you’ll get an insight into some of the things she’s doing, inside her head, that are causing her to be in the best shape of her life.

A: How where things before you joined the camp?

J: Wobbly, literally.. before I joined the camp I was feeling pretty down. I was starting to feel pretty isolated and the fun outgoing person I used to be was fading away. I felt like I was slowly being trapped inside a body and  personality that didn’t seem like me anymore.  I was constantly pulling out of social engagements because none of my clothes fit properly and I couldn’t bear the thought of going shopping to try things on.

I was deleting photos that friends would tag of me on facebook because I thought I looked too big, and when it was getting to much and I would have a little cry about it, I was tired of family and friends always saying “but you’re healthy” to try to make me feel better. To make matters worse, I was planning my wedding, and what was supposed to be the most exciting thing in the world was becoming a source of real anxiety, the thought of trying on dresses, and photos… was really starting to upset me.

A: What made you apply to the camp as opposed to doing other forms of training?

J: I was a member of a gym for 3 years and I went every single day, I actually did.  I followed the workout plan the trainers gave me to the letter. In addition, I was walking to the gym from work to top off my work out, I even did a  half marathon in Achill, but despite all this, I was still getting bigger and wobblier.

I even went to the doctor and had every blood test known to man done because I was convinced there had to be something wrong with me, I was trying so hard and never losing one single pound or inch, I refused to accept that “genetics” was the answer and that my waistline was eternally doomed, no matter what I did about it.

So, while I was out walking I saw the camp, I saw everyone working hard, and at first I thought.. I’ve done exercise classes before, they don’t work for me. But I decided to check out the web page, and I realised  quickly this was different. I really liked how knowledgeable the trainer was, how much information he was giving and wanted you to have, how involved he was willing to get in your personal fitness goals.  Right away you could tell he was very passionate about fitness and nutrition and he wasn’t just a zombie trainer putting in his hours at the office, he cared and wanted you to do well.  So I thought, well I’ll try one month, one month, and I’ll see what happens I had nothing to lose.

A: How did you fit your training and new good habits around your busy life?

J: It was a little difficult at first. I am a very busy person and constantly on the run, but I just made it work, no excuses, to others or myself.. not this time! I tried to be a little more organised with my groceries, making sure I had healthy snacks for the days I had to grab something and go. Planning ahead is key it makes it so much easier to grab a healthy option instead of reaching for a shop roll or crisps in starvation.

For the training, I just made a pact with myself to just do itHow could I know if it would work or not unless I really tried 100% , no self sabotage, I just made it work, planned meetings and appointment around training days, after all it is only 45 mins,  I had already been trying other things for years, I could do this for 45 mins.

A: How do you keep motivated?

J: I enjoy camp but sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated, I won’t lie. I’m only human, I get tired, I get cranky, I get moany, there are some days when I get home from work and want to crawl directly into bed. On days like that I just think in small steps, it’s easy to get overwhelmed as a busy person especially if you try to think of everything you have left to do all at once. So I don’t think of all the sessions I have left that month, or the list of things I have to do that week… I just think about getting through the one session that night.

I try to remember the things I like about camp: the challenge, the fun and laughs, the little community of regulars, new friends… and I then I make a deal with myself, if I just go to bootcamp just today for 45 mins, then I can come home and stay under the duvet the rest of the night if I still want to. The funny thing is, I never want to! I always feel great afterwards, It’s very weird, but I go in feeling like Clark Kent, the run down boring office worker and come out feeling like superman!

A: What have you learned from doing things differently for the past few months?

J: To get what you have never had you have to do what you’ve never done… or something like that ha ha… John  (our trainer) always says it, it’s sooo cheesy, but actually very true. I have learned that fad diets don’t work, and I never have to go hungry again. I can be healthy and fit, it just takes organisation, and a little elbow grease.

A: How have things changed for you since you joined the camp?

J: I’m not hopeless, hot me is not dead!

I’ve dropped two dress sizes, lost 3 inches from my waist, an inch from each arm a few inches of the old posterior and toned my legs, my calves look smoking in heels! That in itself is just amazing.  I have done everything, and never had results and finally …something that worked. I’m not the freak who used to exercise for ages with no results anymore, I was so tired of wondering what I was doing wrong!

It has given me a renewed sense of hope that I am not doomed to just get older and wobblier, that I have a choice, I can be me again… oh yeah… and I bought my wedding dress, it looks amazing!


A: What has been your biggest challenge and how did you get through it?

J: My biggest challenge is continually challenging myself. I can be lazy, if I find something a little easy I might go through the movements like it’s a break from the harder stuff, when I should be doing double, or faster, or heavier, I’m afraid to push myself all the way, because well I guess I’ve never done that before. I’m still working through it a little everyday, part of me knows I can do it, but another part of me is  afraid to try.  So I force myself to try a little, and when I realise that it wasn’t actually that bad… I do it again a little more, and again, and so on.

Somedays I’m braver than others, but having the group around who are all trying to do the same thing helps. It’s nice to know that you are probably not the only one feeling that exact same way!


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