Needy Squirrels And What I REALLY REALLY Want

What I (And You) REALLY REALLY Need…

Extinction Of The STRAIGHT Woman

Supermarkets say people won’t buy ugly vegetables, that’s why all the veg they stock look the same. Well, I’ve no problem buying ugly veg. In fact, I like my veg like I like my people, unique and a bit rough around the edges. There are no straight lines in nature, and we should celebrate that. […]

What INSECURITY Does To Women

What Insecurity And Low Self-esteem Does To Women…

6 Easy Steps to Help You Beat CRAVINGS

6 Easy Steps To Beating Cravings

Why You Should Have High STANDARDS In Life

Why you should keep your head, heels and standards high in life

Can’t Handle CRITICISM?

Why criticism plays a key factor in your success

Is You The QUEEN Of Excuses?

This week I coached a lovely Spanish woman who’s doing my Happiness Habit course. During our session we worked on goal setting. Amongst other things, she wants to stop smoking, lose weight and find a partner. All things she’s been trying to do for years. When I asked her what’s stopping her from achieving her […]

She Made Us Do Ugly Stuff…

Develop the discipline you need to achieve your goals once and for all

The Lion, The Reject And The Leader

What if what we needed was not to be thinner, but to be stronger..?

The ONLY New Year Resolution You’ll Need

The ONLY New Year Resolution You’ll Really Need